Creating a summer garden tablescape

By Oilbhe Belfast

With dining out off the menu this summer, consider entertaining al fresco as an attractive alternative. Fresh air and natural light make dining outdoors a simple pleasure, so create a memorable evening at home with a summer garden tablescape.

When creating a summer garden tablescape, I like to incorporate as many seasonal elements as possible. Fresh flowers picked from the garden or local woodland often blend in better with the al fresco setting than their shop bought counterparts. Honeysuckle and fuchsia are currently in season and can be found growing wild in countryside hedgerows.

"Dressing the table with fresh green foliage creates a stunning natural effect and ivy serves as a beautiful table runner when trailed down the centre of the table."

It is a good idea to opt for smaller bud vases instead of larger floral displays, not only does this prevent a barrier effect between guests, it makes ones flowers go further.

Creating a summer garden tablescape is about achieving a fun and relaxed atmosphere for at home entertaining. As the light fades, sprinkling tealights and a variety of candles the length of the table can make a simple but effective difference in ambiance.

Finish setting the scene by creating a personal touch like a handwritten menu and place card to make the at home dining experience all the more personal for guests.