Celebrate the Yuletide season with the limited edition Festive Feast Decor Set


This set includes nutcrackers in delightful velvet jackets alongside sparkling golden trees and versatile glass candle holders which can be used throughout the year. Crimson hand-dipped taper candles with a lacquer gloss complete the set.


Arrange these pieces on a dining table, mantlepiece, or hallway table, to set the scene at Christmas.


This set contains:

  • Two golden sparkling trees
  • Two nutcrackers
  • Two glass candle holders
  • Two candles

Festive Feast Decor Set

  • Product Safety
    Please note the items in this decor set are not toys and are unsuitable for children. 

    Candle safety: Always burn candles within sight. Keep candles upright. Never burn candles near flammable items. Keep candles away from children and pets. Do not burn in a draught.